Can Martinelli Perfectly Replace Aubameyang?

At the point when Gabriel Martinelli scored his independent goal against West Ham in the 2-0 triumph, it showed shades of his independent goal against Chelsea which drove Jurgen Klopp to call him a once 'in an age' ability.

Can Martinelli Perfectly Replace Aubameyang?

Armory Need A Striker Urgently…

With Lacazette leaving potentially in the late spring, and Auba's details showing that he presently doesn't warrant lead striker job at the club, Arsenal are in pressing need of a striker.

However much Arteta would like it, Balogun and Nketiah just are not the completed item and can't be viewed as equipped for a title winning objective count.

In this way, Arsenal have three choices:

1/Hope Aubameyang rediscovers his 'fire'(unlikely)

2/Pursue one of the many connected strikers from matter the amount they cost.

3/Use Martinelli as focal striker.

One and Two Unlikely…

Of the initial two choices, two is more probable than the first.

In any case, considering that Arsenal spend around 150 million in the last exchange window, can the proprietors extend the assets greatly once more? Possibly… However, almost certain not.

It is awful, however strikers as of late who have gotten enormous compensation rises have continued to disappoint. Think Kane, Auba and midfielder Ozil. All have apparently lost the skill of large exhibitions following a strong boost in compensation.

For what reason don't the clubs offer a similar enormous boost in salary as rewards?

Thus, considering that it has been the standard, rather than the special case, the monstrous boost in compensation that Auba got implies that he isn't relied upon to unexpectedly reevaluate himself into the World Class Striker that her previously was.

Is Martinelli The Solution?

It would be enticing to address that question now with a simple..yes.

All things considered, since Arsenal disappeared from 'encountered experts' like William, David Luiz, and Koscielny, Arsenal have without a doubt improved. The enthusiasm and energy that skilled young people bring has inhaled new life into the club… and no time like the present as well!

Thus, Martinelli most certainly fits the models also… .however there is one downside to making a rushed quick judgment call.

Martinelli's Stats

Much has been made of the wounds that Martinelli has had.

It has been said that before his physical issue, Martinelli was continuing in the strides of Ronaldo, a striker he attempts to imitate. However, do the details bear that out?

Before his physical issue, Martinelli scored 10 objectives in 26 exhibitions, not very shabby..but, by a similar token, not World Class. Nonetheless, as a teen, that isn't excessively significant, he can just improve. What's more, later his physical issue, the objective count dropped to 2 objectives in 22 matches, as indicated by Wikipedia, a gigantic drop. Notwithstanding, there is one proviso to this.

Martinelli's objective count did for sure drop. Yet, in spite of this, his pre-injury objective count in the EPL was just 3 out of 14 matches, fundamentally 1 in each five games… not the best.

His post physical issue objective count, was 2 of every 14 EPL matches (1 out of 7). Furthermore, his objective count in the EPL this season has been 2 objectives in 10 matches..back to 1 objective each 5 games.

Thus, Martinelli endured an all around drop in strike rate later his injury..but not tremendously.

Presently, he has returned to his pre-physical issue strike rate, which is still well underneath the one of every two proportion top strikers normal, and surprisingly not exactly the objective a game proportion that World Class strikers like Messi and Ronaldo focus on.

This isn't to put Martinelli down. His objectives against West Ham and beforehand, Chelsea, show a colossal ability… for what's to come. Yet, that ability is as yet creating.

Martinelli essentially can't be prepared at this point to offer the sort of objective count required for Arsenal to mount a title challenge, or a Champions League crusade. Things being what they are, the place where does that leave Arsenal?

Present moment and Long Term

The Gunners must, now, split their objectives.

Martinelli will, we accept, be the striker Arsenal what's to come.

Notwithstanding, for the present, they need a striker who will bang them in after quite a large number of weeks.

Keeping that in mind, however far-fetched as it is possible that the Kroenke's will need to extend the check book further, they should do exactly that in the January move window.

They basically should go out and purchase a striker, not on the grounds that Martinelli isn't capable..because he isn't yet prepared.