Forget The Transfer Window With These 5 Relaxing YouTube Channels!

 When it comes to waiting for the transfer window to complete, it can be very stressful! So, why not take time out to enjoy what the UK has to offer by watching 5 great YouTube channels that will almost certainly help you relax!

So, I have included below some suggestions, and here are the 5 best(in our opinion) YouTube channels that can help you de-stress and unwind over your favourite evening beverage, or two!


John Rogers


On of my all time favourite YouTubers, or Vloggers in the UK, is John Rogers! He is a mad rambler, and great discoverer of the 'London Loop, and everything in-between..and beyond! You can find what is, I believe to be, an excellent evening viewing channel here.




Mostly Walking


For those who prefer more of a city vibe, try Mostly Walking! The channel focuses on walking the back streets, high streets, and city highlights of London...If you love the Capital, you are sure to be impressed with 'Mostly Walking'.

Whilst the channel is not particularly relaxing, it is a good way to see, feel, and experience, the Capital without the stress that comes from traffic, time constraints, pedestrian concerns..and so forth. To do a mostly walking tour of London, visit the YouTube channel here.




Sanpo Stroll


I first got into watching YouTube channels about London with Sanpo Stroll, it was this the first one that got us excited  and becoming an avid viewer. The videos were amazing, and featured the best of the Capital, it's parks, attractions, and vibe.

The one drawback to Sanpo Stroll is that the videos stopped being posted around 4 months ago :(. 

I know that you will find Sanpo Stroll to be an amazing channel that will keep you stocked up on great viewing for the coming winter nights ahead. Please be sure to check out that channel, and take a relaxing stroll through the crowded streets of London!

You can find the channel for Sanpo Stroll here.


Everywhere Is Imagined


If ambience, country villages and towns, and a real unwind is what you crave...try 'Everywhere is Imagined'. It is a real escapists view of the UK..You will simply love it!

The channel centres on the West Country..Somerset et al. As you can therefore imagine, it is an amazing YouTube channel for the UK viewer who just needs a couple of hours of de-stressing. I know that you will find this to be one of the best in achieving that goal.

As of today, ‘Everywhere Is Imagined’ is uploading videos on a regular basis. However, even if that should stop, the quality of the content means that it is can enjoy it many times without losing it's appeal.

You can find the channel for ‘Everywhere Is Imagined’ here.






As an alternative, we have decided to include ‘Wanderizm’ as one of our recommended viewing channels!

Imagine viewing London from the top floor of a Double Decker Bus...all in HD viewing! This is what Wandeizm does! You are going to love it!

The beauty is, travel in London can be very stressful, buy you can tour the 'burbs' with none of the stress. Instead of going from A to B to work each day, you can widen out, see more of the Capital, and still feel refreshed after your trip, what could be better!

Wanderizm may not be your first choice for evening relaxation, but it is well worth a visit. You can find the channel here.








We know how important it is to unwind and relax during these difficult times. Hopefully, you will find this article to be invaluable in your schedule for the therapy that all of us need! And, until the Transfer window concludes, keep watching, waiting and relaxing!

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