How Much Do You Know About Arsenal FC?

 The Famous Gunners: Here Is All About Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC

The Mighty Gunners

With respect to the top Premier League sides in the UK, Arsenal can't be dismissed. They have such a rich history and are one of the most all around loved clubs in London.

Being the chief club in the south of England to join the Soccer League right back in 1893, they have continued to win some huge prizes, similar to the Premier League, and the FA Cup.

Fundamental Facts

Here are some fundamental realities that are useful to know about Arsenal FC.

The Gunners were set up in 1886 by the Woolwich weapons workers bunch

Their logo incorporates a weapon to address where the club began

The club was made capable in 1891

In 1904, they showed up at the primary division

They are a club that is arranged in London

They were undefeated in the Premier League in 2003/04, which is known as the Invincibles year

Arsene Wenger was their best and longest-running boss

Their most noteworthy rivals are Tottenham Hotspur

They hold the record of winning the most FA cups, which right presently stays at 14

Their headway and move to Highbury was seen as questionable

They have won the twofold twice

Arms stockpile's current field is the Emirates field, which they moved to in 2006

The current boss is Mikel Arteta

The current captain is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Their home unit is for each situation generally white and red

Armory's away unit is normally yellow

The club's pinnacle has the articulation Victoria Concordia Crescit on it, which infers win comes through arrangement

Munititions stockpile's top objective scorer was Thierry Henry, with 228 goals

Home Grounds

Stockpile's home ground is the Emirates Stadium. Being worked in 2006, it is a genuinely new field, and one of the most imperative in London. It has a restriction of somewhat more than 60,000, and it is perhaps the most exorbitant fields in the Premier League to purchase home ticket for. Taking into account that the field cost £390 million to make, this is sensible.

Key Trophies

Weapons store has won a ton of prizes, which we will look at in more detail close to the completion of this article. Regardless, here is a breakdown of every one of their essential prizes won. There are 47 out and out.

Association Champions: 13

FA Cup: 14

Association Cup: 2

European Fairs Cup: 1

Europeans Cup Winners Cup: 1

Good cause/Community Shields: 16

Club History

The club was at first settled in 1886 by workers from the Woolwich Arsenal Armament industrial facility. There was not at initial a specialist gathering, and they passed by the name of Dial Square. This was because there was a dial on the most elevated place of the ammunition production line they worked in.

In 1886, they began to call themselves Royal arms stockpile and began to play in the red and white unit everyone knows about today. They initially played in the FA Cup in 1889, and before long named themselves Woolwich Arsenal.

In 1903 they joined Division One, and in 1913, the gathering moved to Highbury Park. They were at first transferred in 1913 and decided to change their name to Arsenal FC, which everyone knows about today.

In 1925, Herbert Chapman transformed into the overseer of Arsenal. While the club had been compelling before this, Chapman completely changed the essence of Soccer for the club. He drove them on to end up being very viable, and the club continued to win some huge prizes on a specialist level. He is at this point viewed as an awesome chief gave where he sorted out some way to take the club.

Club Timeline

Here is a compact diagram and course of occasions of Arsenal

1886: Arsenal was made

1893: Under the name of Woolwich Arsenal join the English Soccer association

1904: Arsenal plays in the First Division

1913: Move to Highbury Stadium

1914: Club is definitively named Arsenal

1925: Herbert Chapman was named as the director

1930: FA Cup champs

1931: League champions

1970: European Cup prize champs

1971: Arsenal wins the so-called 'Double'.

1983: David Dein is the Vice-Chairman

1986: George Graham names as the new executive

1986: League Cup title

1993: European Cup Winners

1996: Arsene Wenger named as Manager

2004: The Invincibles

2006: Emirates Stadium move

2018: Arsene Wenger leaves

2020: For most FA cups won Arsenal hold the record


Arms stockpile's current field is the Emirates Stadium. It is very astounding to look at and can be found in Holloway, London. Before the sponsorship oversees Emirates, the ground was known as the Ashburton Grove.

It is the second-greatest field in London after Wembley and has a constraint of 60,704. The field was done in 2006, and cost around £390 million.

Their previous field was called Arsenal Stadium and was arranged in Highbury, not exceptionally far away from the new field. The last game was played there in May 2006, going before the move. This field was especially valued by Arsenal fans.


The current owner of Arsenal is Stan Kroenke. He is the fundamental owner, and he moreover guarantees Kroenke Sports Enterprises. He has been the owner of the club since September 2018, and many fans are not exceptionally amped up for how he runs the club.

Best Players

With respect to picking the best and the best player in a club's arrangement of encounters, it might be a super decision. There are various points you can assemble your decision regarding, for instance, destinations saved, goals scored, and how remarkable a player was as a leader.

All through the long haul, Arsenal has had various mind blowing players, as Thierry Henry. Being the top objective scorer for Arsenal, it isn't hard to see the motivation behind why he is seen as maybe their best player.

Other best players consolidate Dennis Bergkamp, Patrick Vieira, and Tony Adams. All through the long haul, Bergkamp scored and put out up some absolutely incredible goals during his 11 years at Arsenal.