3 Facts That Make 'Kun' Agüero A Premier League Legend

3 Facts That Make 'Kun' Agüero A Premier League Legend

There is no question that Sergio 'Kun' Agüero is a Manchester City legend, but what effect has Aguero had on the English Premier League? The following are 3 Facts That Make 'Kun' Agüero A Premier League Legend.

In Football News, the BBC referenced that an approaching declaration will be made that Sergio Agüero has called time on his Football profession, a vocation that started at senior level back in 2003.

The previous Manchester City forward has delighted in many features during his long vocation, nonetheless, the following are 3 realities that rank him up there with, and regularly, past the best that English Premier League fans have seen.

Agüero Has More Premier League Goals Than…

With regards to strikers in the EPL, one name is frequently mooted all the more regularly that most… Thierry Henry. The previous Arsenal striker is a flat out legend, and as it should be.

Notwithstanding, did you realize that 'Kun' has scored more Premier League objectives than Henry? Indeed, Agüero's 184 Premier League objectives are a complete that is 9 a larger number of than Henry enrolled, a reality that makes him a Premier League legend!

Has anybody beaten his record? Indeed, truth be told he is following in some admirable people's footsteps with 3 names that will stay above him: Alan Shearer scored most with 260, following up is Wayne Rooney with 208, and afterward in third spot we have Andrew Cole with 187.

Minutes Per Goal…

In addition to the fact that Kun beats Henry in all out number of objectives, yet he additionally beats Henry in the minutes per objective count.

Truth be told, Agüero scored each 107.9 minutes. Considering a base number of objectives set at 15, Henry is in runner up with one objective each 121.8 minutes.

Assuming that you believe a World Class striker to be one who gets close to the objective a game normal, then, at that point, he midpoints almost one like clockwork… genuinely a legend!


Strikers are exceptionally desired in light of the fact that they can win you prizes.

While keeping objectives surrendered down is indispensable for progress, banging them in at the opposite end is similarly or more significant. All in all, did five Agüero assist City with getting a charge out of accomplishment? Definitely he did! Truth be told, during his spell in England, Agüero would have need to continue upgrading his prize bureau, regiestering 5 Premier League titles, a FA Cup title and an incredible 6 League Cups!

A Name That Will Always Be Remembered…

Considering that 'Kun' has supposedly called time on his heavenly Football profession, he can appropriately sit down with the legends.

Names like Messi, Ronaldo, and Shearer won't rapidly be neglected, and neither should that of a specific Sergio 'Kun' Agüero.

He may not beauty the fields of fight any longer, yet he will live on in our memories..have a glad retirement Agüero!